Identifying Key Areas of Risk – Bunds

Bunds serve as secondary containment systems, designed to capture spills and leaks from primary storage tanks, such as those used for fuel or chemicals. It’s highly advisable for sites, storing such substances, to have secondary containment in place, as any release from the primary tank poses a substantial environmental risk. Ensuring the impermeability of the bund is crucial, along with fitting it with a pump system to maintain at least 110% capacity.

This proactive approach helps mitigate environmental hazards by effectively containing any potential leaks or spills, thereby minimising the risk of pollution, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Maintaining the integrity of bunds demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection and responsible stewardship of natural resources.

To ensure environmental compliance, we conduct a comprehensive Environmental Risk Survey, evaluating both above and below-ground assets. We then provide detailed analysis and recommendations to manage on-site drainage and pollution prevention infrastructure effectively.  You can contact our Environmental team, at contact@subscanenvironmental.com, and we will be happy to assist with any enquiry.

Visit the Government website to learn more about Pollution Prevention for Businesses, or visit our Environmental Solutions web page for more details.