Fuel Storage Tanks

Identifying Key Areas of Risk – Fuel Storage Tanks

Annual OFTEC inspections are paramount for fuel storage tanks, to ensure compliance, safety, and proper functionality. Any issues identified during inspections can be promptly addressed, minimising the risk of pollution incidents or operational delays. By conducting regular inspections and promptly resolving any issues, businesses can maintain the integrity of their fuel storage systems, helping to mitigate environmental risks, and ensure operations remain uninterrupted.

Adhering to this approach not only enhances safety and regulatory compliance but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection. Investing in regular inspections is essential for businesses to safeguard against potential environmental hazards, uphold industry standards, and extend the lifespan of your fuel tanks, ensuring sustainability and reducing the risk of unexpected costs.

To ensure environmental compliance, we conduct a comprehensive Environmental Risk Survey, evaluating both above and below-ground assets. We then provide detailed analysis and recommendations to manage on-site drainage and pollution prevention infrastructure effectively.  You can contact our Environmental team, at contact@subscanenvironmental.com, and we will be happy to assist with any enquiry.

Visit the Government website to learn more about Pollution Prevention for Businesses, or visit our Environmental Solutions web page for more details.