Measured Building Survey

Measured Building Surveys by Subscan are highly accurate surveys carried out before, during and/or after construction projects. This type of survey is used for verification and record purposes, area calculation and to identify any variations from original plans.

At Subscan we use the latest technologies such as 3D laser scanners alongside traditional methods to bring the real-world building into the virtual environment through our measured surveys services. We have a dedicated team of inhouse specialists who complete comprehensive surveys with speed and accuracy across the UK.

  • Reduce amount of time spent on site
  • Measures data to an accuracy of +/- 3mm
  • Fast turnaround where access time is restricted
  • Meets legislative requirements
  • Limits exposure to buried utilities/hazards

How measured building surveys work

Subscan UDS use Trimble SX10 3D Laser Scanning Total Stations to carry out each building survey. The drawing is then refined and detailed within survey software to produce the final plan. This data provides an essential 3D resource whether for refurbishments, alterations or record purposes.

A typical survey would show all structural features including walls, windows, doors, beam, floor and ceiling heights. Onto this can then be added fixtures and fittings such as sanitary-ware, electric points, light switches and fittings, radiators and furniture.

What information does it include?

All surveys are carried out according to a client’s specification and to meet industry guideline on Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities. The extent of details and surveyed features vary depending on the purpose of the survey. A typical measured building survey consists of:

– Floor plan
– External elevations
– Cross and longitudinal sections drawing

Each element of the property can be surveyed independently or as part of a fully connected coordinated survey which will reference the floor plans, elevations, topographical surveys and underground investigation to a common grid and level datum.

Why Subscan?

Measured building surveys are fast becoming the industry norm for precision surveying in high precision and high value technical environments. As one of the first companies to adopt measured building survey, Subscan are one of the most experienced drainage specialists in the UK.

Each survey Subscan completes is presented in layered CAD models with an accompanying report ensuring you have all the information required to make informed, and safe, decisions on site.

Want to know more?

For more information or to receive a site specific quotation please contact us on 0344 499 5220 or at

Case Study

Wessex Water

Project type:
Underground utilities and topographical survey

Taunton, Somerset


Subscan were appointed by Wessex Water to carry out a full underground utilities and topographical survey to areas within Hinkley Nuclear Power Station and collate all information into one document.

Subscan were appointed by Wessex Water to carry out a full underground utilities and topographical survey to areas within Hinkley Nuclear Power Station.

This is an ongoing project due for completion on site Christmas 2018 and will be produced in a complete CAD DWG format with relevant PDFs. All high resolution photos from site and written day to day survey reports will be collated into one document by our surveyors and presented to the client on completion.

Client Testimonial

“The Subscan UDS team of surveyors and drainage engineers helped our minor works team out again and did a thoroughly professional job. We will continue to work with Subscan on LNE projects throughout the region.”

Lee Sanderson, Building & Civils Project Manager, Construction Marine Ltd