Drain Closure Devices

Drain Closure Devices

Subscan Drain Closure Devices (DCDs) are purposefully engineered to swiftly seal off drainage systems, in the event of pollution incidents, effectively containing spillages or runoff from fire water. These systems serve as a crucial safeguard, minimising the risk of environmental mishaps, within controlled water systems. Typically installed at points where drainage exits a site, they act as a proactive measure against potential pollution threats.

Given the propensity of drainage infrastructure to swiftly disperse pollutants into the environment, integrating DCDs into drainage systems, at strategic points, becomes imperative to prevent contamination from leaving the site. Failure to do so could lead to severe consequences, including environmental damage, harm to reputation, substantial fines, and legal repercussions, as outlined in pollution prevention guidelines for businesses.

DCD Primary Functions

DCDs function in two primary modes: proactive and reactive. Proactively, they serve to pre-emptively seal drains during activities deemed high-risk, such as fuel or chemical deliveries. Reactively, they automatically activate in response to spills or fires onsite, swiftly sealing drains to contain any contaminants.

Once activated, DCDs maintain a sealed state, effectively converting the drainage system into a containment mechanism, facilitating easier management of spills. The system comprises a durable GRP control cabinet and a 316 stainless steel valve, operated via pushbutton control or through remote hardwired or wireless activation options. The utilisation of linear drive technology ensures a secure seal remains in place, until it is safe to reopen the valve and return to a normal flow of water.

Drain Closure Devices: Benefits and Features

Key Benefits:
• Ensures containment of spills or firewater runoff.
• Enables isolation of specific sections or the entire site drainage system.
• Installation does not require extensive civil work.
• Provides peace of mind, regarding environmental risk management.
• Operation is straightforward, with optional annual maintenance contracts available.

Key Features:
• Manual or automated operation.
• Utilisation of linear drive technology for secure sealing.
• Drive Power – 12v DC linear drive, Hydraulic cylinder, or Pneumatic cylinder.
• Power options include mains, battery, or solar.
• Backup Power – all operational models have battery backup to provide emergency closure in event of 230v supply failure.
• Connectivity options include GSM or satellite capability.
• Integration capability with Building Management Systems (BMS).
• Cloud monitoring, for remote oversight and management.

Want to Learn More About Drain Closure Devices?

To view a video of the drain closure device in operation click here.  Interested to know more about drain closure devices?  You can contact our Environmental Business Development Manager, Emily Hodge, on 07936 935 189, or email contact@subscanenvironmental.com