Steel Bund Solution

As we transition towards utilising more sustainable materials whenever possible, it’s essential to consider the construction of transformer bunds. We currently offer a solution that is widely employed across Europe for substation projects.

This alternative system offers several advantages:

  1. Integration of containment, fire protection, and rainwater treatment within a single system.
  2. Simplified installation process, resulting in shorter installation times.
  3. Retrofitting capability or suitability for new installations.
  4. Reduction in carbon footprint for several reasons:
  • Steel, the primary material used, is more sustainable.
  • The built-in filtration system ensures water discharge at less than 5 parts per million (ppm).
  • Decreased need for tankering visits for oil removal. 

By adopting this solution, we not only enhance our sustainability efforts but also improve efficiency and environmental responsibility in our operations.