Leaking Transformer Repairs

Research indicates that approximately 35% of transformers encounter significant oil leakage problems, leading to various adverse effects:

  • Oil wastage: Leakage causes the loss of valuable transformer oil, impacting operational efficiency.
  • Costly waste disposal: Proper disposal of leaked oil incurs substantial expenses, adding to operational costs.
  • Increased site disruptions: Dealing with leakage requires frequent tankering activities, disrupting site operations.
  • Environmental hazard: Leaked oil poses a threat to the surrounding environment, potentially causing contamination.
  • Carbon footprint increase: Addressing leakage often involves processes contributing to carbon emissions, exacerbating environmental impact.
  • Elevated manpower needs: Maintenance efforts to address leakage consume additional manpower, increasing labor hours and associated costs.

Addressing the problem at its source by fixing the leaking areas eliminates the impact of all the issues. We offer a solution to repair and seal the leaking areas effectively.