Interceptors and Separators

Identifying Key Areas of Risk – Interceptors and Separators

Interceptors, also known as separators, are integral components of surface water drainage systems, designed to mitigate pollution risks from oils and hydrocarbons. These play a pivotal role in safeguarding environmental integrity. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure their optimal functionality and effectiveness in preventing pollutants from contaminating water sources. By conducting routine maintenance checks and adhering to recommended servicing schedules, you can ensure that interceptors operate as intended, minimising environmental hazards.

Proactive maintenance measures underscore a commitment to environmental responsibility, helping to uphold regulatory compliance standards. By prioritising the upkeep of interceptors, businesses demonstrate their dedication to environmental stewardship, ensuring the protection of ecosystems and water quality for generations to come.

To ensure environmental compliance, we conduct a comprehensive Environmental Risk Survey, evaluating both above and below-ground assets. We then provide detailed analysis and recommendations to manage on-site drainage and pollution prevention infrastructure effectively.  You can contact our Environmental team, at, and we will be happy to assist with any enquiry.

Visit the Government website to learn more about Pollution Prevention for Businesses, or visit our Environmental Solutions web page for more details.