Andrew Wadsworth

Business Support Director

With a career spanning over 3 years at Subscan, Andrew Wadsworth brings a wealth of experience from the facilities management sector. Starting as the Health and Safety Manager, he has recently assumed the role of Business Support Director, playing a pivotal role in the company’s strategic and operational aspects.

Andrew’s contributions extend beyond routine responsibilities, as he takes the lead on critical ISO and RISQS accreditations and audits for Subscan. His commitment to maintaining the highest standards aligns with the company’s dedication to excellence in all facets of its operations.

Known for his adept strategic thinking, Andrew collaborates with staff at every level, understanding the intricacies of business requirements to achieve overarching goals. His expertise encompasses company compliance, health and safety, and aligning with the expectations of both customers and colleagues.

Throughout his business journey, Andrew has successfully managed the expectations of high-profile clients, showcasing his ability to navigate and exceed the needs of diverse stakeholders. His passion for business development is evident in his dedication to ensuring that Subscan not only meets but surpasses all set objectives.

In summary, Andrew Wadsworth stands as a key figure in Subscan’s leadership, embodying a commitment to excellence, safety, and strategic growth in every aspect of the company’s operations.