Gavin Brook

Business Development Manager

Gavin joined Subscan in February 2023, bringing over a decade of experience in business development and operations management within the drainage and civil engineering industries. His extensive background in contract negotiations, project and operations management, and sales positions him as a valuable member of Subscan’s growing team of in-house professionals. In his role, Gavin plays a fundamental part in supporting Subscan’s goal of becoming a leading name in the utility, drainage, and surveying sectors.

Known for his expertise and skills, Gavin contributes to the company’s strategic growth and development. His proficiency in various aspects of business, combined with his industry-specific knowledge, adds significant value to Subscan’s capabilities.

Outside of the business realm, Gavin enjoys unwinding by traveling abroad multiple times a year. Family time is a priority, and he cherishes moments with his wife and young son. Despite the ups and downs, Gavin remains a dedicated Tottenham Hotspurs supporter. Additionally, he engages in sports like squash and has recently taken up golf. His well-rounded interests and experiences contribute to the diverse and dynamic culture at Subscan.