Septic Tank and Interceptor Emptying

Septic Tank and Interceptor Cleaning Services

At Subscan, we know that septic tanks and interceptors are efficient, environmentally friendly and extremely important in dealing with wastewater.  They also need to be maintained, cleaned and emptied on a regular basis to stop any unforeseen problems occurring. If your septic tank or interceptors are not serviced and emptied on a regular basis, they can become blocked.  Blockages can causing flooding and pollution to the surrounding area.

To empty any drainage system, Subscan has the latest in liquid waste and drainage equipment. As a result, our waste removal services can be provided for large quantities of liquid waste, silt, detritus, and solid debris.

For further information on our Septic Tank and Interceptor Maintenance please contact us on 0344 499 5220, email or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Bulk Liquid Waste Removal

Our experienced team of operatives and a large fleet of specialist bulk tankers for liquid waste disposal, removal and transportation. Our bulk waste removal services are available 24/7 to meet your needs. This includes commercial and domestic properties, carrying quantities up to 30,000 litres.

Our clients can be provided with the best bulk waste tankering service across the UK. Utilising our 30,000 litre barrel tanker, our teams can transport extremely large amounts of bulk waste in one visit, which in turn, reduces costs and timescales for our valued clients.

A Top Quality, Professional Service Guaranteed

You can always be sure of a top quality, professional service.  Whether our engineers are there to carry out cleansing and unblocking of your drains, sewers, septic tanks or interceptors.  We guarantee we will be there when you need us most.

For more information about all the drainage services Subscan can offer you, or to receive a site specific quotation please contact us on 0344 499 5220 or at