Underground Utility Mapping

Subscan undertake Underground Utility Mapping surveys across a wide range of sites and developments to provide an accurate depiction of any site throughout the UK. That site could be property, an area of land or a defined boundary. This is scaled and detailed according to the spatial considerations and is the summary of the on-site data capture processes.

The purpose is to gather spatial information relating to the site (natural and man-made land features). This can often be related to national Ordnance Survey grid and datum information (often using GPS) and is surveyed by point. It is typically accepted that points are positioned in three dimensions which facilitates ground modelling and visualisations to be produced from the topographical survey.

  • Recognised standards
  • Standard deliverables
  • Cost-effective surveying
  • Integration with laser scanning

2D and 3D Topographical Surveys

A topographic survey of your site produces an accurate and detailed plan identifying both the natural and man-made features within the area.

Subscan UDS utilise the latest Leica and Trimble equipment, LSS survey software and our experienced land surveyors to collect, process and deliver your topographic survey data accurately (to the specification provided), quickly and cost effective.

Survey drawings can be supplied as 2D or 3D digital plans, in various formats and paper copies can also be provided if required.

Our expert service

Additional information can often be integrated into topographical surveys which assists a design team in taking account of the necessary and relevant site constraints. This can include site sections through particularly diverse gradient transects, spot heights of surrounding land and site features, i.e. neighbouring properties to assess overlooking, underground utilities information (from radar tracing and integrating utility records data).

Case Study

Highways England

Project type:
Topographical and Underground Utilities Surveys

North England


Subscan undertook 3D Topographical and Underground Utilities Surveys in the central reservation along a 4km stretch of highway, along with the excavation of 16 trial trenches to verify the Underground Utilities.

Subscan were appointed to undertake 3D Topographical and Underground Utilities Surveys in the central reservation along a 4km stretch of A66. The Project also included excavations of 16 trial trenches to verify the Underground Utilities identified within the survey as part of the barrier replacement scheme.

As part of the project Subscan deployed 3 teams of 2 surveyors to complete the full works required by the project, within 10 working days of site work. Underground Utility Surveyors located numerous services located along the survey area and were able to trace all of them with great precision.

Topographical surveyors established a rigid control network prior to carrying out a full 3D survey of the area as well as mapping all the Utilities found by the Underground utility Surveyors.

Trial trench excavation teams were able to expose the services found by the Underground Utility Surveyors within the trial trenches, which then verified the accuracy of the survey to the client.

Lead Surveyors produced detailed drawings and reports which were delivered to the client within the time allocated.

Client Testimonial

“The Subscan UDS team of surveyors and drainage engineers helped our minor works team out again and did a thoroughly professional job. We will continue to work with Subscan on LNE projects throughout the region.”

Lee Sanderson, Building & Civils Project Manager, Construction Marine Ltd