Going Underground

Upon receiving a request from a prominent retail client, our dedicated drainage and land surveying division promptly mobilsed to Lancashire. The primary objective was to conduct a comprehensive survey of a culvert running beneath a building and its adjoining car park. This task required our skilled surveyors to meticulously position the culvert in precise relation to the building structure.  Recording both its depths and diameter for accurate placement and future maintenance planning.

Executing this project involved deploying a specialised team of four highly trained individuals, proficient in confined space entry procedures. Each team member was equipped with essential safety gear, including life vests, breathing apparatus, powerful torches, and reliable two-way radios to ensure seamless communication and safety throughout the operation.

Additionally, we utilised advanced technology such as a super deep sewer sonde.  A sophisticated tool essential for accurately tracing the culvert’s exact location from ground level.

Comprehensive Reporting

Upon completion of our fieldwork, we meticulously compiled all gathered data into a comprehensive Wincan report. This detailed document  served as a vital tool for our client, offering a clear and detailed visualisation of the culvert’s path beneath the site.

Specifically, the report outlined precise measurements of the culvert’s diameter and depths, providing accurate documentation of its alignment in relation to the building structure. This thorough documentation not only ensured transparency but also supported informed decision-making for our client’s infrastructure management and maintenance strategies.

Our commitment to delivering detailed and actionable insights underscores our dedication to accuracy, safety, and client satisfaction in the field of drainage and land surveying.

Delivering The Highest Standards

With our wealth of experience and advanced technological capabilities, we are dedicated to delivering actionable insights crucial for our clients’ infrastructure management and maintenance strategies. Our commitment to precision, safety, and exceeding client expectations underscores our role as leaders in the field of drainage and land surveying.

We strive to not only meet but also anticipate our clients’ needs, ensuring that every project is executed with the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency. This steadfast dedication ensures that our clients receive not only reliable data but also strategic recommendations that drive sustainable infrastructure solutions.

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