Underground Utility Investment

MALA Easy Locator Core

MALA Easy Locator Core GPR

Subscan UDS are always striving to improve our quality of service, by investing in the latest technology, and recently our Utility Manager, Rob Hogg, took delivery of 2 MALA Easy Locator Core Ground Penetrating Radars.

The utility locator industry demands high quality, ruggedized and precise GPR equipment.  Field equipment needs to be easy to transport, quick to set-up and use and with the right functionality to efficiently get the job done.  The MALA Easy Locator Core is the new market leader in GPR utility locating and mapping.  Its functional design and ease of use are desired by utility locators worldwide.

It’s lighter and easier to use than anything else but also extremely rugged and capable of traversing the toughest terrain when combined with the recommended RTC Mini option.

MALA Easy Locator Core is the state of the art, intelligent ground penetrating radar solution for utility locating professionals.

The MALA Easy Locator Core includes:

Best data quality on the market.
Real-time interpretation support through MALA AI.
Wireless data collection using mobile devices.
Cloud storage.
Post-processing and on-site reporting using MALA Vision.
All with the fastest workflow on the market.

MALA Easy Locator Core is the first product worldwide using intelligent real-time interpretation support for utility locating.  Set gain and contrast, remove background noise and set object and surface markers while collecting data.  The tough-based interface speeds up your survey, letting you deliver results quicker.

We would also like to thank Martin Marshall, from Sygma Solutions Limited for personally delivering them to our Leeds branch.

For more information about any of the underground utility services Subscan can offer you contact our Leeds branch on 0344 499 5220 or email surveyoperations@subscan.com