Subscan’s team is growing

Expanding team

We are constantly growing as a business, offering more services and investing in the newest innovative technology. After maintained growth in recent years, we have recently expanded the capacity of our qualified buried utilities team.

By adding qualified, experienced personnel to our buried utilities team, we can continue to offer clients bespoke, tailored surveys performed by our capable team. Our surveys can be completed to the specific requirements of your project or your client’s project.

Taking on more work

By expanding the capacity of our existing team, we now have a team that is capable of taking on more work while still offering the high-standard surveys that we are trusted for providing.

With a national reach, we are working on projects all over the country. The expansion of our team will allow us to continue providing you with the service we pride ourselves on.

Dedicated CAD team

If you require detailed drawings as an end product, we have a CAD team that can produce the drawing that you require. Survey drawings can come in various formats to meet your requirements, such as:

  • 2D digital
  • 3D digital
  • Paper

Our CAD team is here to assist you. If you require a specific type of drawing, we are able to provide it for you.

Our highly-skilled CAD team can deliver a final product to you within 8 days of completion of on-site work. Alternatively, we have a fast track service available if time is of the essence.

Bespoke surveys

We appreciate that every survey is different. That is why we offer truly bespoke surveys that meet the needs of you and your clients specifically. For example, we will take the time to find out the intricacies of your project before any surveys, to ensure that the surveys satisfy your requirements.

On the subject of the increased capacity of our qualified buried utilities team, John Arundell, Subscan’s Underground Utilities manager, stated:

Everyone here at Subscan is delighted at the business’s growth and the opportunity for our buried utilities team to become larger. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the specialist bespoke surveys that we are known for.

Contact us

For any buried utilities or topographical survey enquiries, please use these details:


Phone: 0344 499 5220

Please ask for John Arundell or Ellie Hair when inquiring about buried utilities or topographical surveys. For all drainage requirements, please ask for Robert Jennings.