Subscan UDS – A RISQS Audited and Verified Supplier

Trackside Rail Drainage and Surveying

Safety and Quality within the Railway Industry

RISQS is a UK-based industry standard for qualifying suppliers who provide products and services to the railway sector. RISQS audits and verifies suppliers to ensure they meet the required standards for safety, quality, and competence. Suppliers that are RISQS audited and verified are deemed suitable to work within the railway industry.

Here’s an overview of what it means to be RISQS audited and verified:

  • Auditing Process: The auditing process involves a thorough assessment of a supplier’s capabilities, systems, processes, and safety practices. An audit evaluates the supplier’s compliance with industry standards and regulations, particularly those related to safety and quality within the railway sector.
  • Verification of Competence: RISQS verifies that suppliers possess the necessary competencies to carry out their intended railway-related tasks. This includes assessing the skills, qualifications, and training of the supplier’s personnel.
  • Supplier Qualification: Suppliers that successfully pass the RISQS audit are qualified to work within the railway industry. This qualification demonstrates that they have met the required standards and are deemed competent to provide products or services to railway clients.
  • Safety and Quality Assurance: RISQS audited and verified suppliers are expected to adhere to rigorous safety and quality standards. This is crucial in an industry where safety is of paramount importance to prevent accidents and incidents.
  • Supply Chain Assurance: RISQS verification helps railway clients ensure that their supply chain partners meet the necessary standards. It provides confidence that suppliers have been vetted and meet the requirements to work safely within the railway sector.
  • Transparency and Accountability: RISQS maintains a database of audited suppliers, allowing clients to verify the qualifications of potential partners before entering into contracts or collaborations.
  • Continuous Improvement: Suppliers that are RISQS audited and verified are encouraged to continuously improve their systems, processes, and safety practices to maintain their qualification status.
  • Compliance Monitoring: RISQS continues to monitor suppliers’ compliance with industry standards through regular assessments.  Updates to ensure ongoing adherence to safety and quality requirements.

Committed to Safety and Quality

Being RISQS audited and verified demonstrates a supplier’s commitment to safety and quality within the railway industry. It provides reassurance to clients that the supplier has undergone a thorough assessment and met the necessary criteria to work in the sector. RISQS is particularly important in the railway industry due to the complex and safety-sensitive nature of railway operations.

Suppliers seeking RISQS verification typically need to undergo an audit and assessment process conducted by an accredited RISQS auditor. The exact requirements and standards may vary based on the specific products or services the supplier provides. It’s advisable for suppliers to familiarize themselves with RISQS’s guidelines and requirements.  Working towards meeting the necessary qualifications to be recognized as an approved supplier within the railway industry.