PAS 128 specification

Subscan adopt PAS 128 specification

UK’s first specification for the detection of underground utilities launched at ICE – PAS 128

What is PAS 128?

PAS 128 is a new specification created  by the British Standard Institution for the utility surveying industry and was published June 30th 2014.

What does this mean for the utility mapping industry?

Previously unregulated, quality of surveys varied form operator to operator. PAS 128 sets out to provide the client with a standard which must be adhered to by the survey provider. Providing 4 different levels:

  • Type DDesktop Search – This can be provided through our Subsearch product.
  • Type CSite Reconnaissance – Site walkover confirming service plans information.
  • Type BDetection – This is the utility survey element of the PAS employing the use of EM and GPR survey techniques.
  • Type AVerification – Carry out trial hole excavations with vacuum techniques.

Is PAS 128 a mandatory requirement?

Currently PAS 128 is a voluntary standard, however Subscan have adopted this standard from its arrival in the industry.

What changes will be made on a Client’s site?

As Subscan have always worked to the very highest standard, over and above of what is the requirement set out by PAS 128, Subscan Client’s will continue to receive the very highest quality of service.

Subscan UDS Limited look to the future and embrace this new PAS 128 standard and are working to ensure the service Subscan provide exceeds this standard.

More details regarding PAS 128 can be found on The Survey Association website,