RISQS Audited and Verified

RISQS Audited and Verified

RISQS Audited and Verified for 2023

After our recent 2023 audit, we’re happy to maintain our RISQS certification as we sailed through the audit with flying colours, once again (with 2 positives)!

The Subscan team, including the Procurement and Commercial Team, especially Andrew Wadsworth, our Business Support Director, and his colleagues, deserve the highest praise for leading the Subscan UDS audit team.

The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme ensures that our clients receive the following benefits:

• We have total confidence and commitment that all our procedures and systems meet the railway’s operational and competence requirements.

• All our valued clients can be assured that we practice the highest standards of health and safety management whilst working in the rail industry.

• We guarantee that every engineer on the Subscan UDS team adheres to these processes.

In addition to this, all our rail operatives are PTS (Personal Track Safety) trained. Attesting to our commitment to Health and Safety and ensuring it is at the heart of everything we do. In order to prevent disruptions in the UK rail network, we provide reactive and pre-planned maintenance services.

Would you like to know more about our trackside drainage and surveying services and solutions, please contact our Leeds office on 0344 499 5220 or email drainageoperations@subscan.com, Midlands on 0344 967 2332 or email midlands.office@subscan.com for more details or a site specific quotation.