Problems with Tree Roots

Problems with Tree Roots

Problems with Tree Roots – A Real Issue for Drains and Sewers

Root intrusion is one of the leading causes of blocked drains, pipes and sewer systems in the UK.  A root damaged drainage system can often result in more than an overflowing manhole or grid.  It is possible for tree roots to cause damage to your drainage system and lead to expensive problems.  These problems can only be repaired by drain relining or drain excavation.

As a result of condensation on the drainpipe’s outer wall or moisture from leaking drain joints, tree roots are attracted to the drainpipe in search of nutrients. Around pipes, trenches and disturbed earth make it easier for roots to travel through the ground to reach drainage structures.

There is no escaping nature’s ability to find weaknesses in pipe construction. In addition to making a welcome target for other plants nearby, the weakened area also promotes the growth of their root systems.

Tree roots enter the drain through joints, fractures, cracks, and through the walls and benches of the inspection chamber.  Joints that are misaligned and poorly connected pipes can be especially prone to failure.  In the event of roots growing inside, the pressure on pipes will increase as the roots grow.  A pipe will eventually collapse or break, requiring costly and disruptive excavation to replace it.

Effects on your home or business

Consider the potential effects on your drainage system if you have trees on your property or business premises.  It is advisable to carry out regular checks of any drain runs that are affected by nearby trees and plants, even if no damage has been found.  By doing so, it is possible to prevent problems from developing more advanced and severe impacts.

An infestation of roots can be a significant problem. The risks do need to be taken seriously, since it can result in sewage backing up into homes and businesses, causing flooding and damage.

Planned Preventative Drainage Maintenance

At Subscan we take care of essential drainage maintenance for clients throughout the UK. Planned Preventative Drainage Maintenance (PPM) work ensures that drainage systems continue to work efficiently and minimises any potential damage or blockage.

Our PPM work can accurately assess the condition of all drains and complete any repair work before any issues arise. Using the latest CCTV technology and experienced drainage inspectors we can carefully assess the most difficult to reach areas.