On Site Land Surveying Training

On Site Land Surveying Training

New Recruit Receives Valuable On-Site Training

In response to a request from a valued client in the construction sector for a GPR Type B survey, compliant with PAS128 standards, along with a basic topographical survey, our proficient utility and land surveying teams have been dispatched to a site situated near the heart of Leeds.

While conducting the utility and topographical survey at the site, our seasoned senior land surveyor, Mike Ashworth, capitalised on the opportunity to provide on-site training for Francis Murandu, our latest addition to the surveying team. This hands-on training session afforded Francis the opportunity to gain practical experience and insights into Subscan’s advanced surveying techniques and methodologies. Such initiatives not only serve to enhance Francis’s existing skills and knowledge but also foster a collaborative learning environment within our expanding team of land surveyors.

Our commitment to investing in training opportunities like this reflects our dedication to empowering team members. Through these initiatives, we aim to ensure that our personnel can consistently deliver top-tier surveying services. Tailored to the specific needs of every project and client, our team members are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to uphold our standards of excellence in the field of surveying.

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