Kaiser Whale for hire

Sewer cleaning jet-vac hire with continuous water recycling

Subscan continue to invest heavily in technology and equipment. Available from September 2014, Subscan UDS are proud to be able to offer a very powerful Whalesolution. The Kaiser-Whale unit recycles the water used during jetting process. This means the time is spent working on site and reduces the time spent off site where a normal jet-vac tanker is taking on supplies of fresh water. Making the Kaiser Whale is time efficient, cost efficient and fuel efficient.

  • Continuous Dirty Water Recycling
  • A unique single self cleaning filter system (Rotomax)
  • Providing more Operational Hours on-site per day

With the introduction of the Kaiser Whale (also known as the The King of Recyclers). Subscan can provide clients with the very best in jet-vac hire solutions. This new vehicle means constant on-site use without the need to leave site to refill with water. This therefore means, more time on site and so far more productive. Ideal for use on motorways and time sensitive contracts.

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