A Hero In Our Ranks

Callum Roche

Thank you to Callum Roche

All the staff, management and directors at Subscan would like to thank a ‘true hero’ within our ranks, Callum Roche. A few weeks ago, while our jet vac drainage team were working in the Midlands area, one of our fellow drainage engineers, Joshua Wade, unfortunately suffered a mini heart attack as a result of a undiagnosed blood clot.

Callum was able to perform CPR and put Josh in the recovery position until the Midlands emergency services arrived. The emergency services have since informed Subscan that if it wasn’t for the quick thinking and first aid knowledge Callum performed, Josh may not have survived the ordeal. In Josh’s own words ‘Callum is a real star’… and we all truly agree.

A massive thank you to Callum, we all couldn’t be more thankful for his actions, and we all hope that Josh is fit and well very soon.

First aid can save lives

In the case of more serious injuries, first aid can help to stabilise the casualty’s condition before professional help arrives and prevent the injury from worsening. First aid training revolves around CPR and the ability to apply it quickly, so having a trained first aider on hand who can remain composed under pressure is invaluable.