Assisting the Fountains Abbey Trust

Assisting Fountains Abbey Trust

Utility Survey for Upcoming Event

Our recently onboarded Utility Surveyor, Karl Hodgson, embarked on a memorable assignment set amidst the enchanting ambiance of Fountains Abbey in Ripon. Tasked by the Trust overseeing a stakeholders’ event, Subscan UDS was called upon to conduct due diligence for the strategic placement of a marquee within an open field, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees during the festivities.

At Subscan UDS, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology such as the MALA Easy Locator Core utility locating system to conduct comprehensive scans of areas using advanced Ground Penetrating Radar technology. This allows us to accurately detect any underground services present. Once identified, we meticulously mark these services with coloured flags, ensuring easy recognition and effective management during subsequent operations.

We extend our warmest wishes to Fountains Abbey for the success of their upcoming event! It was truly an honour for us to play a role in ensuring the safety and success of their gathering, especially amidst the serene and picturesque surroundings of the abbey.

We extend a special appreciation to our versatile Business Development Manager, Nicky Allen, for capturing the photographs during her site visit. Your dedication and contributions are highly valued, and we’re grateful for your efforts in documenting our projects.

About Fountains Abbey

The ruins of Fountains Abbey are a sight to behold, offering a remarkable glimpse into history. Whether you take the scenic path from the visitor centre or stroll over from the West Gate car park, you’ll encounter some of the oldest and most impressive abbey ruins in the country.

Beyond the awe-inspiring remains of the abbey itself, there’s a wealth of historical treasures to explore. Visit Porter’s Lodge for a fascinating insight into the abbey’s past, marvel at the grandeur of Fountains Hall, and witness the enduring legacy of traditional craftsmanship at Swanley Grange. Don’t miss Fountains Mill, where you can delve deeper into the area’s rich heritage.

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Subscan PAS128 Utility Surveys

Subscan UDS performs comprehensive PAS 128 Utility Surveys for designers and contractors, producing detailed guides to ensure that everyone involved in a project understands the subsurface conditions before breaking ground. Our surveys help workers identify potential buried obstacles, minimising costly delays and unexpected challenges.

It’s a legal requirement to be aware of what lies beneath the surface before digging. Striking a gas main can be extremely costly and dangerous. At Subscan UDS, we use advanced detection techniques, including Electromagnetic Detection, signal-induced threading, and Ground Penetrating Radar, to accurately locate utilities.

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