£2 million Drainage and CCTV equipment investment

Innovative drainage and CCTV equipment

At Subscan, we have recently invested in brand new drainage and CCTV equipment. As part of our continued growth and wish to make use of innovative technologies and machinery, we have spent over 2 million pounds on a range of specialist drainage and inspection equipment.

The industry we operate in is constantly changing, with new equipment and technology rising to prevalence on a regular basis. To ensure that we are offering the best possible service to our clients, we have made this investment.

Meeting our high standards

We pride ourselves on offering a service to all of our clients that meets our rigorous standards, regardless of the size of each particular job.

To guarantee that we keep delivering the high-quality service that we are known for nationwide, we regularly make large investments in equipment. The latest equipment allows our qualified, experienced team to offer an unparalleled service to everyone we work alongside.

Rob Jennings, CCTV manager said:

The latest in a long line of drainage and CCTV equipment investments, our latest acquisition allows us to improve the services we offer yet again. This equipment will make a big impact on the day to day operations of our drainage team and will have a noticeable positive effect for all of our clients.