Carl Horne

Business Development Manager

Carl has recently joined our growing team as our new Business Development Manager.  He joins the team with over 5 years’ worth of experience within the drainage and wet waste management sectors.  His strong sales background within these industries, whether it be closing tenders over the phone or face-to-face, makes Carl an ideal addition for the ever expanding needs of Subscan UDS.

Prior to working for Subscan, Carl had worked his way up through the ranks other drainage companies. While he was at Hydro Cleansing, he became their top sales person within the company.  Eventually working his way up to being the manager when they opened a new depot.  During his career, whilst working within his chosen area of business development, he has won various major tenders including the City of London and Birmingham City Council accounts.

Away from work Carl has a passion for football and gaming.  In his spare time he likes to socialise with this family, and really enjoys spending time with his friend watching football in the pub.