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A topographic survey maps the natural and man-made features of a piece of land. This includes elevation contours, trees, buildings, roads, water bodies, and other significant features. This information is crucial for planning construction and engineering projects.

Our land and topographic surveying services are performed by highly experienced surveyors who have expertise in using advanced equipment like robotic total stations, GPS receivers, and laser scanning equipment. The collected data is then processed and analysed by our in-house CAD drawings and management team, to create accurate maps, plans, and reports that are used for various purposes, including legal documentation, design, and planning.

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CAD and Drawings Management

Subscan CAD Management

Subscan’s CAD and Drawing Management involves the organization, storage, version control, and sharing of CAD drawings and related project documents. Efficient drawing management is crucial for maintaining project timelines, ensuring the accuracy of information, and facilitating collaboration.

Effective CAD and drawing management contribute to better project coordination, reduced errors, improved communication, and overall project success. Many organizations use specialized software or platforms designed specifically for CAD and drawing management to optimize these processes.

Section 104 drainage adoption plans to be provided to water authorities can also be produced. We can also provide a management service to keep all drawings secure and archived.

Client Testimonial

“Many thanks for the survey undertaken this week.  Give a special thanks to your survey engineer who was excellent, he was exceptionally professional throughout.”

Engineering Client

Case Study

Wessex Water

Project type:
Underground utilities and topographical survey

Taunton, Somerset


Subscan were appointed by Wessex Water to carry out a full underground utilities and topographical survey to areas within Hinkley Nuclear Power Station and collate all information into one document.

Subscan were appointed by Wessex Water to carry out a full underground utilities and topographical survey to areas within Hinkley Nuclear Power Station.

This is an ongoing project due for completion on site Christmas 2018 and will be produced in a complete CAD DWG format with relevant PDFs. All high resolution photos from site and written day to day survey reports will be collated into one document by our surveyors and presented to the client on completion.

Client Testimonial

“The Subscan UDS team of surveyors and drainage engineers helped our minor works team out again and did a thoroughly professional job. We will continue to work with Subscan on LNE projects throughout the region.”

Lee Sanderson, Building & Civils Project Manager, Construction Marine Ltd