Drain Scan: Keeping Your Drains In Order

drain scan

Keeping your drains in order without the assistance of a professional is difficult. After all, drains are not visible to everyone, meaning it can be hard to find out when there is a drainage issue that you should be aware of. the fact that drains are hidden away is one of the main reasons that drain problems worsen and worsen until serious problems occur and expensive repairs are necessary.

Although professional CCTV technology isn’t available to everyone, this technology is widely available to drainage specialists such as ourselves. This means that we are suitably placed to help you keep your drains in order. If you would like to arrange a professional drain scan, you have certainly come to the right place.

Drain Scan: Surveying Your Drains

With advancements in CCTV technology in recent times, it has never been easier to notice and correct problems with drains. Here at Subscan, we use the latest drain inspection equipment to ascertain the problem with your drainage system.

All drainage surveys that we perform are keyhole, meaning that we do not dig up the ground to get into your pipes. This reduces the cost of surveys, making them a more viable option and easier to complete.

A CCTV survey can be completed with little disruption due to the technology that we are using. Little disruption is obviously beneficial to you, as our survey will not impact how you can go about your day in any way, shape or form.

Drain Survey: Cost-effective, Minimum Disruption

Inspecting drains used to be an expensive, difficult task. Often requiring some kind of digging, it’s no wonder that nobody wanted to invest in a drain survey! However, with the state-of-the-art technology that we now utilise, inspecting drains and sewers has never been easier. The fantastic technology means that we can complete surveys quicker while ensuring virtually no disruption at all to you.

For a drain inspection to take place, excavation is virtually a thing of the past. With the camera technology that we use, a drain technician no longer needs to look into a pipe manually. Instead, the technology that we use allows us to capture high-quality footage. With this footage, we are able to recognise virtually any drainage issue from cracked pipes to blockages and then come up with a solution.

Drain Scan Advantages

Discovering drainage problems has never been easier than it is with the technology that we utilise now. Here are some advantages of the CCTV technology that we use.

High-quality Footage

One of the main benefits of CCTV technology is that we can capture high definition footage that can be revisited time and time again if required. If a problem is not detected during the initial inspection, the ability to review high-quality footage means we will be able to find the problem and then come up with a plan as to how we can fix it.

No Digging

Completing a drain inspection with our CCTV technology means that no digging is necessary. This is advantageous as it means the inspection process is significantly easier and cheaper.