Drain inspection camera, what are the advantages?

drain inspection camera

If you are currently experiencing problems with your drains or you are hoping to prevent any future problems with your drainage system, employing a professional survey business to complete the inspections for you is always a good idea. A professional survey business will send a qualified technician to conduct the survey for you. That technician will have all the tools that they need to complete the survey, such as a drain inspection camera.

A drain inspection camera is one of the best tools available that can help you to discover if there is a problem with your drains or not. In this article, we are going to take a better look at why drain inspection cameras are so essential to discovering problems with drainage issues.

Drain Inspection Camera – non-invasive method of exploring drains

Although drain surveys are extremely important, when the surveys are invasive and disrupt your daily life, you might end up being put off investing in a survey. The fact that drainage surveys can take a long time and become a major disruption is definitely something that turns a lot of people away from investing in such a survey. New and innovative survey methods are being created all the time, which means surveys are becoming increasingly less invasive. One such new innovative survey method is a drain inspection camera.

Drain inspection cameras can explore drains without having to dig up all the ground to get a good look at the drains. In years gone by when drain cameras were not available, drain inspections had to be completed by eye. Drain inspections conducted by eye required more access than a camera needs, therefore being more invasive.

Cost-effective method of examining drains

Undertaking a survey of drains mere years ago could be a costly affair with all of the equipment required and experienced technicians to operate said equipment. With new methods innovating on the tried and tested methods of times past, examining drains is becoming more cost-effective all of the time.

Depending on what drains are being examined for, there are still a variety of methods for examining drains. However, the majority of drains can be surveyed using drain inspection cameras, which seldom requires as much equipment and personnel as the standard drain survey practices of prior times.

Small enough to access areas humans cannot

With technological advancements in the last few years, drain surveys are ultimately more comprehensive than they have ever been in the past. That’s because the technology that is used now can fit into the smaller places that humans physically couldn’t before. Essentially, this means that the surveys that take place are much more likely to notice any issues if there are any drainage issues to be found.

A drain inspection camera can truly explore drains, as it is a size that can fit in the majority of drains comfortably and record footage that allows trained technicians to discover if there are any issues that need to be resolved urgently.

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We have innovative drain inspection camera technology at our disposal that allows us to complete comprehensive drainage surveys.